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Silver sunglasses and purple photochromic sun lenses

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Glasses from rest silver.

Unisex detail with Blue block lens to protect against blue light.

quality metal frame


Lens Properties:

  1. anti blue light - protects your eyes from the blue light of your smartphone, computer and TV.
  2. photochromic - a neutral lens that darkens in the sun.

For the safety of the glasses:

  • The Blue Sun Lenses give a beneficial effect to the eyes.
  • High quality certified sunglasses, suitable for any light intensity.
  • Essential for eye protection from UV rays.
  • Supplied with case and cloth for the maintenance of your ELE CO ★ sunglasses and lens cleaning.
  • Special price for ELE CO ★ Sunglasses.
  • CE mark
  • Do not use alcohol, solvents, abrasive products and dirty cloths for the pullover. 
  • Do not expose them to a heat source.