il Vintage diventa Moda

Vintage becomes Fashion is a vice by miss CO&CO

Vintage becomes Fashion Sunglaxxes is a vice by miss CO&CO


MISS CO&CO, a vintage but super trendy eyewear.

MISS CO&CO was born from the idea of giving a second life to vintage eyewear

with a touch of modernity, we have made it unique and trendy.

Our mission is to give life to a new fashion style by focusing on the extravagant and vintage.

We specialize in the world of eyewear, but we offer everything we consider extravagant to the eye of simplicity.

Our strength is the Vintage / fashion style, which makes us unique and different from today's world.

This is why we are becoming fashionable, for our way of differentiating ourselves!

Our motto is Sunglaxxes is a Vice!



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Nello vintage style the uniqueness, the personality and the artisan value of the past eras are highlighted. It is the unique sensation of breathing in the personal history of objects and accessories and of the people who created, owned, touched, used and tested them.

The retò aspect of our glasses enhances the vintage line of our Sunglaxxes store and offers all of you new sensations and new looks in preview to always be ahead in your appearance and personality.

Miss CO&CO research and try for you the best vintage shapes and propose them, after a careful selection,

on the site giving you all a choice of excellent quality and with CE certified lenses, in the protection and respect of your eyes.

Vintage is fashion

Vintage arrives in the fashion world starting, like many trends, from the USA.

In the second post-war period, after so many years of deprivation in the new generations, the desire for capitalism, colors and fashion is great.

The less well-off to dress like the others began to buy used clothes and wear them with a new look.

It is from this small keyhole that vintage style has conquered the world of fashion,

but we will deepen this story in another article.

In the world of fashion, a vintage garment must have the following characteristics:

  • To be difficult to find and reproducible, because it is made with materials that no longer exist or cuts and styles different from the current ones.
  • Palatability, the conditions object must be good in order to be worn.
  • Iconicità, it is much easier and more rewarding to wear an icon from a past generation.
  • It must have been achieved minimal 20/30 years ago.
  • It does not need to be used, but it is also considered vintage material kept in stock or warehouses for more than 20 years, indeed this gives it more value.


The next edition of Next Vintage, will always be held at Belgioioso castle in the province of Pavia.

Dates are from 01 to 04 April 2022.

Are you afraid of forgetting about it and consequently missing the most awaited vintage fair in Italy?

No problem, we have different communication channels, our social profiles

Vintage becomes Fashion

Sunglaxxes is a vice by miss CO&CO

il Vintage diventa Moda

Sunglaxxes is a vice by miss CO&CO

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